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Located in Granada - Spain, our club was developed to assist young football players to learn and improve their skills with our professional staff, while playing a full year on the Spanish League, in the region of Andaluzia, one of the strongest and more competitive division within the country.


Based in Granada, Spain, our club was founded in August 2020, and in such a short period we have achieved many goals. In our very first season we finished 2nd place in the league, and moved up from Tercera Andaluza to Segunda Andaluza, and our goal for the upcoming season is still the same, reach the next division. We have our own training methodology and style of playing, which we developed with our experienced and professional staff. With that said, our mission is to provide every athlete with the opportunity to grow as a player, and be seen by big clubs in Europe so they can keep chasing their dream!

Our academy was created to develop young players in a professional environment, and provide them with the opportunity to become not just a great player but also an amazing human being. With a unique methodology, on the field  we offer high standard training sessions, games against high quality opponents in order to prepare our athletes to the next level. Outside the pitch, they will get to study, do social works to help the community, read books from our own library, learn about meditation, and live in a nice house owned by the club. All they will have to worry about is to perform on and off the field!

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